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Press release of Comvita Company

Since December 2012, professionals of the  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, are running in the O'Higgins Region, the project "Development of Beekeeping Biozones for the Exploitation of its Value Chain", in order to strengthen competitiveness and sustainability of beekeeping systems in the region, and establishing zoning types of honey and bee pollen, through the certification of their biological properties and the diagnosis of pollutants in participating apiaries.

This laboratory recently opened in the Agricultural School Las Garzas, allow to analyze and quantify the pollen content of honey to determine their botanical origin, observe the presence of microorganisms such as Varroa mites on bees and other pathogens such as tracheal Acariosis, get the phenolic extracts that the controlling the growth of pathogenic bacteria biological activity, among others.

Dylan Mwakasekele, 10, and Ryan Wootton, 12, have been learning how to capture a swarm of escaped bees, what a “waggle” dance signifies and how to maintain a hive until it is time to harvest the honey. In June they will sit an examination at Newbattle Abbey College in Dalkeith to gain the prestigious title of junior Bee Master. Both boys have been keeping a hive at the college’s apiary and have been mentored by beekeeping experts. The Scottish Beekeepers’ Association (SBA), which supervises the Beekeeping for Beginners six-week course, wants to address the drastic shortage of young beekeepers and attract new pupils of all ages to the next intake of the course starting on  May 6, 2015.

Sunday, 19 April 2015 11:53


The first annual field day, April 25, 2015  organized by the Southern Illinois Illinois Beekeepers Association The event  will take place at the Jackson County Extension office facilities in Ava, in which more than 20 beekeepers will teach the basics of hive consttruction, pest management, honey extraction and processing, honey cooking and bee rescue.

Sunday, 19 April 2015 11:50


The Norfolk Beekeepers’ Association (NBKA) will hold its Bee Health Seminar at Easton and Otley College on May 23, 2015 organised in conjunction with the National Bee Unit

The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Cuba, Zhang Tuo, said Friday the interest of China to diversify their investments in the island and especially in the field of beekeeping, local press reports.

A man (18), who was caught in the street with 48 kilos of stolen honey was arrested by police from the Fourth Commissioner of Rio Bueno.

Honey bees in the province  are dying in record numbers and the government is working to install a partial ban to reduce neonicotinoids usage by 80%. On the other side farmers and pesticides industry coalition   are saying that in Ontario honeybees are healthy and growing in numbers. The coalition launched a campaign called BeesMatter, published ads in major newspapers across the province.


A Czech beekeeping professor has discovered a simple way to combat high temperatures by mite "Varroa" a parasitic insect larvae and adult bees and kill its population in the world, reported today the newspaper Právo. In the Czech Republic, the "Varroa" has annihilated and 35 percent of bees and for three decades is the main enemy of the beekeepers, said the newspaper.

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