Analia Manriquez

Analia Manriquez

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Article written by Rob Tipa

Prepared by David Garthwaite, Chris Sinclair, Richard Glass, Andrew Pote, Marco Trevisan, Gabriele Sacchettini, Pieter Spanoghe, Kim Doan Ngoc, Davina Fevery, Kyriaki Machera, Agathi Charistou, Dimitra Nikolopoulou, Niki Arapaki, Angelos Tsakirakis, Rianda Gerritsen-Ebben, Suzanne Spaan, Francisco Egea González,Stanislaw Stobiecki, Wojciech Śliwiński, Thomasz Stobiecki and  Palmira Hakaite. Please download attached document



A newly begun study being run by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand will pit Honevo, a formulation of kanuka honey, against the antiviral drug acyclovir, which is used in the common ointment brand Zovirax, for cold sore treatment. A team led by medical researcher Dr Alex Semprini will evaluate which treatment more quickly heals cold sores among nearly 1000 sufferers, who will be enrolled by pharmacists throughout the country.

Prepared by the National Weather Service. Please download the attached document

Thanks to the Cooperative Extension Service in one county and a strong beekeepers association, more people than ever are taking beginning beekeeping classes.


A Greek and a Bulgarian national, have been arrested in connection to a wildfire that broke out in the area of Kareas, close to Vyronas, in northeastern Athens, and spread to Mount Hymettus on Friday. The suspects, 67 and 58, were charged with accidentally starting the fire and faced a local prosecutor on Saturday, authorities said.

Article written by Ph.D. Lisa Julian

The National Emergency Commission approved last Friday declaring a state of disaster and / or Agricultural Emergency by adverse climatic events, for animal husbandry and beekeeping areas affected by ash from the volcano Calbuco. The province had already recognized this condition in May, through Decree No. 539/15, and with a range of one year, effective from April 22 last until the 21st of the same month in 2016.

Paper prepared by Ana Oliveira , Marta Leite, Leon D. Kluskens, Sílvio B. Santos, Luís D. R. Melo and  Joana Azeredo. Please download attached document
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