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Analia Manriquez

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Wednesday, 09 July 2014 17:45


People living in Vienna have got a new hobby - beekeeping. Over 600 Viennese have even started investing in so many hives that they have registered officially as beekeepers with a special association, the Stadt-Imker (urban beekeepers), which is dedicated to monitoring and managing the various hives in the capital.

Beekeepers are applauding the new Ontario government’s plan to restrict the use of pesticides linked to bee deaths.

Beekeepers in Australia are being told to breed healthier bees to protect themselves from a colony killing pest. The country  is the last in the world  free of the deadly Varroa mite that spreads a virus capable of wiping out honey production.

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 16:07


Artist Ren Ri (who trained at Tsinghua Academy of Art and Saint Petersburg State University in Russia) creates works that explore the relationship between humans and nature.


The Cabildo and Tenerife Beekeepers Association (Apiten) have presented a mobile application that allows you to find the outlets of the different varieties of honey with Designation of Origin (PDO) nearest to your location, and get useful information about the  product.

Beekeepers in the province of Biobío assessed that Members of the Committee on Agriculture seeking financing for the INIA continue the investigations concerning the mortality of bees in the country and said that the union does have a valid interlocutor. The president of honey producers in Los Angeles, Julio Beltran said the importance is  the determination of parliamentarians to seek funding for the INIA to continue with investigations concerning the issue, stating that the office has been limited by not having resources.

The Secretariat of the Field (Secampo) only supports 50 of the 200 beekeepers in  Fresnillos county  because are not asking for support for the agency or they do not meet the certificate supporting that bees are their property. Aviña Salvador Ramos, coordinator of the area revealed that if the total honey producers will be asked the benefit would be impossible, since "the economic resources won't be enough."

The house trades 'Aznaitín', in which the Andalusian has invested 204,600 euros, has formed in the specialty of beekeeping to 15 students from the municipalities of Jimena, Garcíez, Torres and Albanchez Magina. As reported by the Board, the provincial coordinator of the Andalusian Youth Institute (IAJ), Victor Torres, participated Tuesday morning along with the mayor of Jimena, Esther Ulloa, in the ceremony of diplomas of the house trades, which have alternated the theoretical and practical training

A study confirms the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of propolis organic certificate produced in southern Brazil, recently completed by the agriculturalist Severino Matias de Alencar, Pedro Luiz Rosalen pharmacist, a doctoral student Ana Paula Tiveron and  postdoctoral  Silva Bruno  supported by FAPESP

Here in the Upper Peninsula, local beekeepers have experienced extreme losses due to the harsh winter. While the White House report shows this year’s national average of winter loss to be a little over 23%, one Marquette County beekeeper lost 90% of his bees.

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