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Analia Manriquez

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The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society of Social Solidarity Honey and Wax Campeche, José Luis González Flores said the company will pay producers a total of 16 million pesos (US $ 1,180,000) from the sale of honey  starting next Tuesday, with amounts that depart from the thousand pesos (US $ 73.7). Producers who delivered their honey at a price of 31 pesos per kilo, touch them a profit of five dollars; those who sold at 32 pesos  receive difference of four pesos per kilo and they sold to 33 pesos, will receive 2 pesos, or a total of 35 pesos (US $ 2.58) explained.

Through a joint effort between referents driven Veterinary Faculty of the National University of Central Buenos Aires Province and technicians Changing Rural Salado Basin Experiment Station of Inta, prompted an investigation to assess the antimicrobial capacity pollen produced in the area of Villa Gesell and other multifloral belonging to Buenos Aires Delta area.

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Total Average Bulk Prices in pounds of Honey Imported from four Countries.


A dense cluster of honeybees at work Wednesday morning, October 8, 2014 in the new six foot tall, two foot wide observation beehive at 210 West Pettigrew Street, Durham with up to 15,000 honeybees embedded in six frames in the front wall. This  beehive was installed this week on the American Tobacco Campus to help educate the public on the importance of the bees to our human and environmental health

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Since 1978, Will Nissen has lived the life of a beekeeper, working for someone else for more than a decade before striking out on his own in the 1990s. The business has grown to include the entire family and covers two states. During the spring in summer, the bees and the Nissens are in North Dakota with the goal of producing honey. In the winter, they spend a lot of time in California, keeping the bees alive and making a little money using the bees to pollinate crops. The year-long work across two states has a singular mission, to produce tons of honey, literally, every fall. Nissen said last year his bees produced 600,000 pounds of honey. That equates to approximately 50,000 gallons of honey or close to 30 semitrucks full of the delicious treat. Nissen is one of 220 registered beekeepers in North Dakota. The average beekeeper maintains between 1,000 and 1,500 colonies. Combined, they make North Dakota the No. 1 producer of table-top honey in the nation.

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With three beehives in her backyard in Bowling Green, Michele Boling  is among an “explosion” of hobbyist beekeepers that Kentucky State Apiarist Tammy Horn has seen in recent years. That rise in hobbyists has coincided with a leveling off in the number of commercial beekeepers, she said.

The Costa Rican biologist Ana Murillo Cubero considered which has not exploded by 100 percent beekeeping in the state, due to  the lack of investment and lack of support for small producers. Unlike my country, she said, beekeeping is a snap. It is not business-like. In Costa Rica working as a team, so that the activity goes up.

Paper prepared by Mandana Behbahani. Please download attached document


Paper prepared by Nurit Eliash,  Nitin Kumar Singh,  Yosef Kamer, Govardhana Reddy Pinnelli, Erika Plettner and  Victoria Soroker. Please download attached document


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