Analia Manriquez

Analia Manriquez

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Organized by the Mexican Federation of Beekeepers in San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz on November 14 and 15, 2014

The Galician Association of Beekeepers organizes a series of activities on bees and wasps in the Library Anxel Casal de Santiago de Compostela, with the aim of raising awareness of the diversity of monoflorais honey, beekeeping practice in Galicia and learn to distinguish bees native wasps and Vespa velutina.

The rusty patched bumble bee was thought to have been extinct in this part of the country, but a team led by University of Virginia  environmental scientist found one at Sky Meadows State Park and will be searching for a colony in the spring.


For many years, native seed operations focused on grass-dominant mixes for farmland enrolled in the federal Conservation Reserve Program. Now, there are fewer acres enrolled in CRP and a growing emphasis on habitat for pollinating species. That's changing Minnesota's plant seed industry in ways good for business and the bees, observers say. Native seed companies are changing production practices to produce more wildflower seed and the entire native seed industry is adjusting to the changing demand, said Keith Fredrick, production manager for Minnesota Native Landscapes in Otsego, Minnesota.

More than one hundred people representing thirty producer organizations and institutions and organizations related to the activity had the II Workshop Meeting of Cooperatives and Associations Beekeeping NEA conducted on Saturday Inta Agricultural Experiment Station, under the agreement institutional collaboration between Fedecoop, Inta and INAES.

The  Beekeeping honey plant Chaco (Apicsa), based in Neuland, will be responsible for providing honey for Chaco students snacks. These are bags sachets of 20 grams of honey to accompany the snack of about 10,000 students in 184 subsidized public and private schools

From January to August 2014, Mexico exported to the world 33,100 tons of honey, similar to the volume sold throughout 2013, the General Coordination of Livestock of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) reported. Sales of the agrifood well reached a higher value to $ 123 million, 10 percent higher than  in 2013, allowing an export  record this year.

This year as  the sector reports, yield per hive is at minimum parameters, there are approximately 36,000 hives in the province will have an output of about 7 kilograms, so total Jaén will market some 250, tons in this year, half of which occurred in 2013 (500 tons).

During the upcoming years, 4.7 million euros ( US $ 6 million) will be available for the development of beekeeping, 20 percent more than the current level of funding, primarily for the modernisation of technology and equipment, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Parliamentary State Secretary, István Nagy  announced on Tuesday in Dunavarsány at the inauguration of a honey packaging plant owned by a family business.  The sector, which generates around 20 thousand tons of  honey,  produced each year an annual revenues of 20 billion forints (US $ 84.4 million), plays an important role in the population retention capacity of rural areas and provides a secure living for some 15 thousand families.

As follow the winners in the Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers’ annual conference


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